About MindBodySkin

Alex-sandrine Nadeau, founder of MindBodySkin.ca, holding Arbonne's EssentialMeal protein shake, with BeWell greens and EnergyFizz products in the background.


I am Alex-Sandrine, a vibrant 35-year-old Arbonne Independent Consultant whose journey with Arbonne spans over 7 years. Already!

7 years ago, I was a new and young mother of 1, craving a flexible income opportunity. I was pretty much praying for an opportunity to come to me as everything I was seeing on the internet for flexibility, passive income was like... becoming an influencer. And that's not me!

Well, I really didn't consider myself being one!

One day, on Facebook, I stumbled upon my friend's post, saying she had joined Arbonne because she liked the proteins and values of the company, and right away I texted her asking 1 question:

Can we speak?

In the next hour, I spoke to her and her up-line (who had been in the business for 14 years now but 7 at the time, also retired from the government at the age of 24), and said I was joining their team. There was no hesitation from me, I was almost more worried that they didn't need me! (I had absolutely no clue what network marketing was at that time)

I instantly felt a connection with the company, even though I had just discovered it and never tried the products! I was drawn by the promise of transforming lives while working from home, while saving on my own products.

When I got my first order in, in just a few days, I tried them immediately and didn't just like them; I LOVED them!

Then it all started. I shared the products with my mom, my friends, I was so enthusiastic about the potential either to help people or helping other moms to do the same as I was learning to do!

In those early days, Arbonne became more than just a business opportunity; it became a lifeline during challenging times. Through dedication and commitment, I discovered a newfound sense of purpose and joy.

Not only did I enjoy using Arbonne's products, but the supportive community also provided solace and encouragement.

Fast forward to today, I've helped others become more financially independent, allowing mothers to quit their job if they wanted to, pursue their passions, pay off debts, travel more, and live their dream life.

I've traveled a lot more myself, paid off debts, and bought my first brand new car, embodying the Arbonne ethos of holistic wellness and empowerment.

With a successful stint in my role and as a dedicated mother, I even launched my artist-jewelry! I am a single full-time mother, ladies! And I am not stopping my life for others!

I am so grateful for this opportunity in my life, I cannot imagine where and how I would be without it.

Just think to yourself; where do you want to be in 5 years? This question should hit! I am always in search of growing, expanding, learning, and I could not stand to be at the exact same place in 5 years, not even 2 years!

For me and so many consultants, Arbonne isn't just a business—it's a lifeline, a community, and a source of endless possibility.

As I continue to grow and inspire those around me, I remain grateful for the life-changing opportunity Arbonne has provided. Join me on this incredible journey of growth, wellness, and empowerment, and discover how Arbonne can transform your life too!